About Us

First impressions are important. That is why we bring a relentless focus on quality to everything we do, and why we believe in doing things right the first time. A successful design must be both visually engaging and constructed to perform flawlessly. Elevation Point brings more than 30 years of experience in producing some of the most innovative designs in the industry. See our gallery for examples of our work

We are Elevation Point. Hard work, dedication, and a commitment to excellence equals success. To expect someone's best, you must give them your best. Do it the right way, not the easiest or fastest way. Striving for Excellence is not some of the time or part of the time, it is all of the time. Words we live by at Elevation Point, inspired by Vince Lombardi

Elevation Point was founded by people who not only believe in this statement but live, work, and breathe this dedication to quality every day. We hold every employee to our strict standards and the end result is clearly visible in the quality of our product. In the long run, we believe producing a quality product that is easy to use, can be repeatedly reassembled, and will not fail at a critical time provides our customers with the best value.

We have the experience and the talent to work with our clients to bring their most incredible designs to life. We are experts at producing complex displays that remain easy to use. Because we do all of our work in-house, we have the flexibility and agility to adapt to changing customer needs in real time.

All of our employees are highly trained craftsmen. However, we don’t stop there. We believe it is important to continuously learn and evolve - our employees routinely study new techniques, equipment, and processes. This combination of our old world quality with the latest techniques and equipment enables us to produce incredibly complex and creative projects that are truly unmatched in the industry.

Despite our success, Elevation Point remains a family owned business. We believe it is important that our customers know who they are doing business with, and also that an owner will be overseeing the entire process, insuring that our high quality standards are met. As a successful family owned company, we also feel a commitment to give back. We are proud that a significant portion of our profit every year is donated to UNICEF.

EDPA Elevation Point, Inc. is a member of EDPA.