Our Process

People make decisions in a split second. An attractive and well-executed design can be enough to intrigue a potential customer and begin a conversation. That is why we begin every project with a comprehensive discussion with the client, both about the specific designed vision, and also how it fits into the client’s broader goals and ambitions.

The team deliberates on fabrics, attachment methods, construction details and frame design while communicating with the client to ensure a fluid transition between our pieces and the larger scope of the client's ensemble. Frame design and art layouts are approved with the client before production to ensure the finished product will meet all expectations. Fabric samples confirm a color match that will bring together an entire museum wing or trade show booth.

Even after a project has been structurally designed and constructed, our job isn't done. We set up every project and photograph it for a record of what we achieved. We include detailed set up drawings and instructions in the shipment and clearly label every tube and cover to ensure a simple and quick build time the first time, and every time, the display is assembled.